Spice it up with our range of sexy stockings for your special moments of fun! . We bring the latest European Designer  styles and quality to South Africa, at affordable prices, and delivered to you in 2 – 3 days. 10% Discount on your first order, 100% secure online payments or EFT.

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Flat Top Fishnet Stockings By Scarlet

R100.00 R60.00

Scarlet Fishnet Lace Top Hold Ups


Silky Smooth Knit Stockings

R55.00 R30.00

Silky Shine Lace Top Stockings – Black

R120.00 R70.00

Sultry Red Back Seam Hold Ups 346 by Ballerina

R325.00 R195.00

True Love Sheer Back Seam Stockings by Leg Avenue

R270.00 R160.00

Sheer Lace Garterbelt Stockings by Leg Avenue

R210.00 R125.00

Shine Lace Top – White Stockings By Silky

R120.00 R70.00

Scarlet Seamer Stockings – Black & Red

R125.00 R75.00

Scarlet Seamer Stockings – Nude

R125.00 R75.00

Silky Shine Lace Top Hold Up Stockings

R145.00 R85.00

Sheer Diamond Lace Up Stocking by Leg Avenue

R320.00 R190.00

Plus Size Lilac Lace Top Bow Design Hold Up Stockings by Ballerina

R350.00 R210.00

Glamorous Golden Detailed Hold Ups 453 by Ballerina

R305.00 R180.00

Diamond Designer Sheer Hold Up Stockings By Leg Avenue

R270.00 R160.00

Stripe Panty Garter-Belt Stockings By Gabriella

R299.00 R175.00

Nude And Black Backseam Stockings By Scarlet

R125.00 R75.00

Vine Fishnet Lace Top Hold Up Stockings By Scarlet

R165.00 R95.00

Opaque Triband Hold Up Stockings By Silky

R165.00 R95.00

Polka Dot Cuban Heel Designer Stockings By Leg Avenue

R300.00 R180.00

Silky Silky Scarlet Seamer Stockings – Nude & Black

R130.00 R75.00

Vertical Stripe Thigh Hi Lace Top Stockings By Leg Avenue

R240.00 R140.00

Classic Lace Top Design Back Seam Hold Ups 378 by Ballerina

R270.00 R160.00

Just For You Floral Pattern Design Hold Ups 379 by Ballerina

R299.00 R175.00