Hosiery Styles Explained

Tights, stockings, hold-ups. At Legwear SA you can find the hosiery you are looking for! But what exactly is the difference between a pair of tights and a hold-up? Let us explain the different hosiery styles so you know the differences between them and can choose the hosiery that suits your needs best.


You wear stockings with a garter belt. Stockings are basically the same as a pair of tights but then without the pants. Most stockings sit upon your thighs but can vary in length. If you want to wear stockings, you’ll need a garter belt as well to keep them from sagging. Combining your stockings with a garter belt is not only functional, but it also gives your look a sexy touch.

Hold Ups

Hold-ups are basically the same as stockings apart from the fact that you can wear them without a garterbelt. Hold-ups have silicon on the inner surface of its band which keeps your hold-up in place. Hold-ups spice up your outfit but are also perfect to wear underneath fitted garments as hold-ups don’t have any visible seams such as tights.


You wear a suspender over your knickers and attach its garters to your stockings. Suspenders come in different shapes, some you wear on your hips whilst others come up to your waist. Most suspenders have a rear hook fastening and 4-6 (adjustable) suspender straps with clips to attach them to your stockings.


Tights or pantyhose cover your lower body from your waist down to the tips of your toes. They come in different deniers. Denier refers to the thickness of your tights and its sheerness. Pantyhose generally refer to theĀ  thinner and more sheer styles, starting at around 10 denier. Tights often refer to the opaque styles, and start from around 60 denier. Tights and pantyhose come in many different designs, you have basic tights but also tights with (sexy) prints.